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  1. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Here is an updated video and list of my Patriot.

    Equipment installed:

    Feniex Typhoon handheld
    Federal Signal AS124
    AWL Venom 4.0
    AWL Signal dash light dual color red/white
    Speed Tech Striker 6

    I hated to go with STL but after searching for a couple hours on multiple websites, new and used, I could not find anything other than the STL that would fit inside my hatch on my Patriot. I caught it on Black Friday so I didn’t pay too much for it if it fails.

    The only thing I have left to install is the Feniex T3’s on an intersection bracket up front and to redo all my wiring and make it neater.


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  2. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    Make sure you have the hdr function enabled on your iPhone camera
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  3. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    I think it's because I accidentally done the Live picture deal. I'll re take it tomorrow and post it. Lol. Thanks.
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  4. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

    Admin Post
    You can use picresize.com from mobile to shrink photos. I have had good success with that.
  5. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    also photobucket
  6. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member


    Pics and video added to OP
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  7. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Edit: added pictures. I moved the dash light up and added a pic of where my siren is mounted.

    Note: siren is actually flipped around and facing me now.
  8. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member



    just fyi next time take the link from your account, click on the lil "mountain" looking thing next to the movie strip looking thing and post the link in it.. itll post the image in the thread like this...
  9. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Thanks. Idk why it wasn't letting me upload them before. I'll see if I can go back and redo them.
  10. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Edited the original post to reflect changes.

    Will hopefully be adding more before summertime hits.

    Will most likely be added piece by piece.
  11. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    What plans do you have for future lighting?
    The smart siren controller looks right at home there!! The dashmiser looks pretty big for that windshield, though, IMO
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  12. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    I'm not really sure yet on lighting. Me and the wife discussed it and I'm going to pay our credit card off before I buy anything else for the Jeep. With as much overtime as I'm getting I should be able to do something by summer.

    The Smartsiren is at home there. It's at a perfect angle where I can see it and hit the buttons without looking also.

    The Dashmiser was a little big for it in the windshield. I moved it down onto the dash. I will post pics in a few of the new placement.
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  13. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Updated photos of dashlight in its current position.
  14. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    PM sent
  15. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Update coming his weekend. Borrowing a halogen Whelen Responder mini bar from a friend. Adding it for a little extra front coverage but mainly to have a little something towards the rear.
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  16. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    New videos of mini bar added
  17. oatey1967

    oatey1967 Registered Member

    Hello - I just bought a 2017 Jeep Patriot similar to yours. Where did you install the siren and bracket?
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  18. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Pm sent
  19. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member


    Moved the Dashmiser back up behind the rear view mirror.

    I took out the internal power supply and wired it up to a Whelen CSP8180 180 watt power supply.

    Ignore the wiring mess, ran out of connectors and didn't know it so I can't hook it up until this coming weekend.

    It's currently set on Action Flash.

    Note: My current plan is to add another Dashmiser and move both up top to the headliner and make a "visor light" out of them. I am in the process of measuring to make sun visor brackets for them.
  20. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    New video added.
  21. Krsdog25

    Krsdog25 Junior Member

    1) That is quite an elaborate setup just to fuel a Dashmiser or two. If you have a serious love for strobes good for you, but if you're just looking to have an effective warning package your time and money could probably be better spent on something LED.

    2) Those suction cups were always a serious PITA lol and I'm honestly amazed there is a Dashmiser out there with fully intact Z brackets.
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  22. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    I thought about going with led but decided against it. After talking with a friend of mine last night, I'm thinking of just having 1 Dashmiser and building a mini Edge bar or mini Freedom or something.

    I've owned 3 Dashmisers so far and they've all had complete brackets. Lol. The suction cups amazingly held. It's actually being held up by Scotch Brite 3M interlocking fasteners.


    Not really sure what I want in regards with lights. Lol.
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  23. Tom

    Tom Premium Member Silver Level Member

    There are many benefits to LED with the biggest IMO being the minor power consumption LED products draw. I'd also be a little nervous about the flashback of that light on the windshield at night.

    If the setup works for you and you like it, great! There aren't many guys left using the older strobe and halogen technology.

    Stay safe,
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  24. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking of making a flashback shield to this anyway for the bottom of the light.

    I've been thinking of getting a Venom but I haven't decided yet.
  25. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    New update coming shortly.

    Took out my Dashmisers internal power supply and wired it into a Whelen CSP8180 power supply. Will post pictures once I get it wired in.
  26. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Updated pics and videos. Took the Responder off and added full size bar.
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  27. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Added new video.

    Changed the takedowns where they will flash.

    Also changed the pattern to a slower one in an attempt to make it look less like a pink blob at night.
  28. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Stay tuned everyone. Major changes coming. Just purchased an AWL Venom and plan on adding more AWL products.
  29. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    New videos added.

    Added an ILB and more to come later.
  30. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Updated to an almost finished install.

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