Ada Township Fire-Rescue

May 22, 2010
ne33 said:
Looks like a nice fleet! Are the "medic" units just BLS trucks?

yep. personally, I am not a fan of calling them medics, but it's what the county decided we all should use. they recently decided that everyone should use the same designations for apparatus to reduce possible confusion (prob a good idea), so they all got together and came up with the list. Engine, Medic (a medical only), Rescue (tool box), Ladder, Platform (ladder with platform), etc ... and every dept labels their apparatus with those designations. personally, I would've preferred using squad or something, since, to my knowledge, not a single dept in Kent County operates as "medics," but I had no say in the matter, so ... :p


May 21, 2010
Canton, oh
around here, if there is a medic ON THE TRUCK then it is called a medic unit, if not then it is a squad.


Medic 15 - als unit

Squad 15 - bls unit

just for what its worth.


May 23, 2010
Another example of regional terminology. Around here, a (rescue) squad is called a heavy rescue in other parts of the country. An ambulance is a BLS transport, and a (para)medic unit has at least 1 EMT-P (and equipment) on board. A (para)medic engine/truck/squad is that vehicle with at least 1 EMT-P on board, as well as the associated ALS equipment. The less recognized level of care is EMT-I, or CRT-I, and carries the medic designation (at least where I am. In PG, a medic designation is used for an ALS transport with 2 EMT-Ps on board. A paramedic ambulance is staffed with 1 EMT-B and 1 EMT-P. Confused yet?).
May 22, 2010
yep. I agree - it shouldn't be called a medic unit unles there is a "medic" on board. But, llike I said, they never asked me, so, guess I live with it ... :roll: (Funny thing is, City Fire used to use the designation "squad" and now, instead of "medic," they're using "med squad" - not sure what the deal is with that, but ... :lol: )


May 21, 2010
Around here, all fire EMS units must have 2 paramedics to be called a medic, but state law only requires 1 paramedic. The term squad used be for BLS transport units only, but FD has a heavy rescue that they call Rescue and a light duty unit (mostly hand tools and 1st responder equipment they call a squad. One FD is still running a BLS transport unit that they calla squad.

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