For Sale Anyone bidding on this Signal stat 374 beacon?

I’m not going over $75, so if you want it more than that let me know and I’ll back off. Don’t need the light, but I’ll buy if it’s a bargain.
I ended up winning that auction. I stumbled across this thread when the price had already surpassed Crownfire's limit, and I put in a bit of a joke max bid of $130 in the last moments of the auction. It was at $125 and I didn't expect my bid to actually surpass the high bidder at the time.

I'll get a video of it sometime later tonight or this weekend. It's my first sealed-beam rotating beacon, and I've always loved four-bulb beacons and Signal Stat stuff. It was also in very nice shape, though I had to order new bulbs for it. The seller did a great job protecting the beacon during shipment, but he shipped it with the bulbs inside of it. Presumably due to the handling of the box they popped out of their sockets and just jostled around inside of the beacon - one is blown and the others are scratched.

Now all I have to do is keep the wallet ready and my eyes peeled for a proper clear dome for it (and if that fails maybe I'll just pony up the cash for a North American Signal stratolite one, but I would like to have an authentic one).

Thanks a bunch for posting the link to it here, fireglen!
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Most non collectors ( and even some collectors) dont have a clue how to safely ship a light.....when I ship a beacon I always remove the dome, wrap the bulbs and internals with bubble wrap just enough so the dome goes back on with slight pressure resting against the bubble wrap. Never had any damage or issues with shipping. Ive suggested to sellers to do this before shipping to me.....some do, some dont.