Arjent SL LEDs -- Intensity and other LED options question(s)...


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Dec 10, 2021

Storm spotter here (yay?). So according to state law, I have to have all ambers in my Arjent SL. Restored/reconfigured one this last autumn/winter and it's been on my truck since.

Showed a local volunteer fireman who was interested in seeing it flash, since he had one as well (back in the day) and wasn't very impressed by the LED output. At night it's not bad (at least to my eyes)... but during the day in the shade, he thought the LEDs were giving out 30% intensity (night mode).

Now from what I know (and within the documentation), the SL does not have a night mode... the S2 does however (as I remember -- which I do not have). question: Am I missing some hidden night setting on the SL??? It'd be hard to miss, if that is the case, since the circuitry is pretty simplistic.

...and the second question: Are there any newer (or even brighter) LED pod replacements out there for the Arjent SL's (two wire, six LED version)? I tried contacting the local FS rep and it seems like I wasn't good enough for a reply back :/ .

Anywho, thanks much to anyone in advance for any replies!
May 21, 2010
The Solaris modules have a fairly narrow vertical hot spot. If you are standing close to it and not at eye level it will look dim. I have only seen the 2 wire dummy heads and non dimmable flashers in the SL bars. My other thought is the clarity of the domes where the light shines through. Dirty, hazed and scratches can defiantly effect light output.

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