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Blueprint sound off siren

Can any one tell me how the blueprint sound off siren connecters to the vehicles factory wiring system I'm looking in to getting this set up for my personal vehicle and I'm just wondering if it's easy to install or if it's very complicated to get every thing working threw the factory wiring


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I'd assume you are wanting to use the factory horn to control the siren. In order for myself or someone else to give an accurate answer on how hard it would be or what is required to wire the siren into the factory horn wiring then vehicle information is needed. Year, make, model, and if it's a civilian or police version.


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I am not sure of you have got the answers you are looking for but SoundOff BluePrint is not sold to end users for self installation. It is supposed to be sold AND installed by the distributor that has to be trained and certified via SoundOff Signal to be able to offer it.
There is no doubt in my mind that there is a distributor out there somewhere that will sell it to an end user for them to install themselves but my SoundOff Rep has made it VERY clear that if SoundOff finds out that is being done there will be trouble
Unless a certified shop give you the programming, you can't even program it. It is NOT an easy program to navigate and SoundOff tech won't offer support on it unless it's installed by a certified shop.

Best bet would be to use the nERGY siren
You can use the New SOS Blueprint 3 with there OBD2 Link to get all of the factory triggers. well except the horn ring. you always need to get that from the source. But again you need to go to a deal to have it programmed. If you are in the DMV area id be happy to do it for you.

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