Bob Caldwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge - 09 Dodge Charger Police


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May 21, 2010
This is a 2009 Dodge Charger Police Package that belongs to

Bob Caldwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge

1888 Morse Rd

Columbus, OH 43229

The interior back seat is a Patriot plastic seat with window bars. Up front, It has a rear view camera for watching prisoners, ICOP system in the dash and I am sure you can guess the rest.

In the rear tail lights he had 2 LAWs in each reverse light, one clear and one amber.

I saw it outside while I was next door at the Ford dealership for car service the other day. Bob Caldwell only had 12 2010 Chargers in the back lot for delivery. That have the State of Ohio contract for Chargers

Caldwell Cruiser.jpg

Caldwell Cruiser Interior.jpg

Caldwell Cruiser Interior 2.jpg
Can someone tell the Chief I'm willing to pay him a good salary to work for the town, as long as I get to drive that beauty of course ;)



I will sue someone, anyone.

We drive Renaults here... :cry:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
We drive Renaults here... you guys dont have chargers at your department ??? we have like 5 around here in my town
Soooo.... can someone tell me why a dealership has a police package charger with the dealership name and a badge on the side of the door? They don't sell the stuff inside or the lights, I guess i'm missing something.
They prob bought the car from there or they sponsored the car butim not sure didn't even notice it till you said somethen
Caldwell could have the state contract for Police Chargers for all we know.... Therefore have had a police package built up with some equipment to offer as a turn-key package for a customer.

I like the graphics and the equipment package too.
Good looking car. I have never seen a car dealer put his name on a police car before. But it is still a great looking Charger.
HPD84 said:
Yuck,what is the deal with the Pushbumper? :twisted: i mean who makes that thing :x

It's a Patriot / Jotto-Desk Push Bumper. I think your PD uses the CV version (which looks much different). I liked the Charger ones when I worked there, however installation of it was a real bear. When you need to use an air-chisel to remove the inner bumper support from the frame rails, you begin to question everything you know....
I would bet it is a demo car, seeing how thay have the state contract, they would natraly try to sell to departments that do not piggy back on the state ticket. Dallas Dodge made a Challenger "police" version, and sends it to different departments to try out. Holiday Chevrolet has the Texas contract for Tahoe PPV's and calles them the "Defender" with nothing different about them except for the silly defender badge on the tail gate. Both dealerships will sell car's fully outfitted.

The push bumper looks cool. It gives some character to the charger, which, otherwise, I find to look like a pug dog's butt.
jonny521 said:
We drive Renaults here... you guys dont have chargers at your department ??? we have like 5 around here in my town
Ah, cheap shot! :|

Non Monsieur, we French Law Enforcers have to make do with 4-cylinder diesel go-carts... Mind you, there are some nice go-carts here and then.. ;) DST C220 2.jpg[/attachment:bqmojkim]

DST C220 2.jpg
Their service department is not that big. I can't picture them doing installs. I looked at a car there a while back and they were going to send it out to have a moon roof installed..

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