Boston PD XL 5000 Sealed Beam


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OK.... I'm going out on a limb here, and I hope this is the right place, but my favorite bar of all time was the late '80's to early 90's (??) XL 5000 that was on Boston PD units. It was a sealed beam, double blue to the front with small, square, clear cutouts for the diamond front mirrors, but red and blue in the rear, with small, square, amber and clear cutouts for the back. I also believe the 90 degree sides of the bar were clear. I don't remember on what side the rear the clear/amber squares were located. Do any of you folks know if any of these bars still exist?


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I know of a few as well, but none for sale at the moment that I am aware of.


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@CFD125 is a wealth of knowledge on the topic. Unfortunately Bob hasn't come around in several years. This should get you started:

Newton, Mass Code 3 XL (suburb of Boston)

California AeroTwinsonic

California Sireno condor

Here is the back, with amber flashers:

And another one with all blue and amber flashers:

And an all blue Boston Bar:

I have been working on my Wall Of Lights in my cellar in my very rare free time, and now have a new camera for some better pictures than before.

Yes I know it's a mess down there, but I'm working on it.

That Candycane Aerodynic's lenses are all wet sanded, and just need to be buffed.


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9000's were the sealed beam XLs
5000's were the independent rotator type.


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9000's were the sealed beam XLs
5000's were the independent rotator type.
Thanks for the clarification brother! I had totally forgotten about that detail. Thankfully, @wolfman has been kind enough to reach out and willing to build me an MX7000 close to desired specs. You folks rock!!! I'd like to keep this thread open in the event anyone can offer specific detail corrections I'm unaware of.


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I have a Boston dome if anybody needs one it’s the blue and red side for an XL. Text or call me if anyone needs it 914-826-3383

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