Broward County, FL SO Dodge Challenger


I really like the HAW setup in the taillights. That is pretty neat, but the rest of the car is a little over the top.

Cool though.


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They have enough warning for 2+ cars.... all that and yet no front intersection warning *tisk, tisk*


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Know off the lightbar, the lights in the lower front bumper, and four of the rear LAWs; and that would be a really sweet setup.


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And I got shit for a fully populated bar on a paddy wagon.......that thing is ridiculous.....


I wish they would have saved their Christmas lights decorating skills for the holiday season. The paint scheme looks good. All this car really needs is a good lightbar, headlight flashers, and maybe an old school dash light.


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I'm betting it's a public relations car.


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no layout for colors, R/B/W all over the place..... CRAP


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don't get me wrong, i love LOTs of lights on a vehicle, but that set-up just looks plain tacky in the rear, imo.


The county Mayor was pretty upset about this: ... engers.php

Ritter Wants Answers About BSO's New Toys
By Thomas Francis, Monday, Aug. 3 2009 @ 1:47PM

It wasn't quite the finger-wagging sitcom scene I predicted in Friday's post, but we were right in guessing that Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter is disappointed in Sheriff Al Lamberti's choosing the flamboyant Dodge Challenger to round out his agency's fleet of cars.

Here's the note Ritter sent Juice:

While I am sure that BSO feels the need to replace vehicles in the fleet, I have to question whether or not they can squeeze a few more miles out of the vehicles they already have. Most of our cities that contract with the Sheriff are having the same budget issues that we are at the County. We need to create confidence in our residents that we are doing the best we can within our budget and if that means we are buying fewer and less expensive cars than that's what we should do.

Personally, I would like to see all county agencies, including the Sheriff, purchase fuel efficient hybrid vehicles. According to the website, the standard Challenger gets 16 mpg city and 23 mpg highway. I think we can do better. I'm sure the commission will question the purchase and, quite frankly, we should be questioning his purchases as well as our own to see if a) it is really necessary and B) can we seek less expensive/more economical alternatives.

Still waiting to hear back from Broward Sheriff's Office about the Dodge Challengers.


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Bitchin' Car, Al! But How Will You Explain It to Stacy?
By Thomas Francis, Friday, Jul. 31 2009 @ 1:45PM

Broward Sheriff's Office is rolling out a fleet pair of 2009 Dodge Challengers,* but if this is the first you've heard about it, that's probably because they arrive amid a fierce round of budget slashing in other county agencies. Not exactly a climate for bragging about muscle cars.

It's a little like that sitcom scene where the husband (Sheriff Al Lamberti, in our example) comes home with a new set of wheels and his spouse (Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter, let's say) fumes about how she's been trying to cut costs so they can afford to pay the mortgage...

Point is, Ritter and other members of the Broward County Commission are going to be pissed. Not to mention some of the several thousand county employees who may have to take unpaid furloughs on top of budget cuts. The cuts that Lamberti has refused to make in the same proportion.

In the MOPAR blog we linked above, BSO's fleet director is asked by the interviewer whether the cars were seized from bad guys -- a bargain that taxpayers might appreciate.

"No, actually they were put out for bid, specifically for the Aggressive Driving Task Force, which we are putting in for a Federal grant," says [Don] Prichard, who adds that not a lot of extra equipment was needed to upfit these Challengers for duty--they just added lights and striping. "Everything on the green and white car was donated. Inside the grey one, we added radar and a camera system, plus the lights and the Titanium striping for the Titanium-color car."

Throw in the Smart Cars the agency purchased from a Lamberti campaign contributor and BSO's been on a car-buying bonanza.

* 8/3/09 - When I read the MOPAR blog last week, I didn't see mention of how many Dodge Challengers had been ordered. I asked BSO that question, but have yet to hear back. The current blog post contains a line about there being two Challengers. We'll update after BSO gets back to us.


irsa76 said:
Looks like some flash back off the dash. I wonder if it's just a PR unit or a serious patrol car?

Maybe it is a DARE car. Someone dared them to see how many lights they could place on it! :lol:


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well that was interesting,when i get over this seizure from looking at all the lights i will comment further


They were morons is they didn't see the flak over the horizon, then to top it off with a couple Ks worth of excessive lighting, that's just stupid. As cool as the cars may be, these aren't the times for toys.

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The units at the PD im at now also have a led lightbar and also a inner edge and hide away strobes grill lights. kinda over kill but a nice ride. :cool:


That was terrible.

A) That would be a sweet slick top.

B) As stated to color scheme.

C) Crappy intersection lights.

D) Someones gonna go epileptic and their gonna get sued.


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AHHH! Thank you for posting the pics of the gray car! I saw a small teaser of it a while ago but never saw anything else. Happen to have an equipment rundown?
Somebody got a little bit excited with the county credit card. :D Maybe they should send some of the money on other things instead on so many lights. :?: They should of just put the lightbar, headlight flasher, and HAWS and the car would of been awesome.


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Deputy_Swan said:
Looks retarded with all those lights.. i am sure this is a PR car anyways..
If it was a genuine patrol car it'd probably have Broward County's standard paint job (white with a green and gold stripe) and certainly less lights - maybe nothing more than a JetSolaris.


I saw this in person at a National Sheriffs' Association convention down here last year. Blinding. And definitely overkill.


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RL1 said:
They have enough warning for 2+ cars.... all that and yet no front intersection warning *tisk, tisk*
Three, if you ask me.

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