But was the deal worth it?


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Won a surplus auction for 2 good and 1 parts 911ep Galaxy lightbars.... total after taxes and auction fees was $10. So I hop in the car to make the three hour trek one way and about two hours in... KAPOW.

See video:

Yes the deal was still worth it. The seller threw in a fourth bar at no charge! Cracked the bumper cover good and scratched the paint, but the car has 115k miles and this was it's first incident.

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well on the plus side, you and your lights escaped major injury :)
Seriously though its getting around that time of year again.. once they go into the Rut everything goes nutty.


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This is why we hunt the little bastards....


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Did that on a motorcycle once.....
You didn't stop & pick up that venison?
No, but the state trooper who did the accident report told me in the ER that they took the deer to the county shed and dressed it, and saved a chunk for me.

Good eatin', but I compare it to going hunting with a $20,000 shotgun. Take 1 shot, kill the deer, then throw the shotgun in the river!

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