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Hello all. Arrived yesterday was a new to me used set of cannons. I've had cannons in the past and never had an issue. One fires away with no problem, the other has 3 diodes come on verry dull and flicker as a pattern. Ways I've troubleshooted:
1. Change power source
2. Attach both lights together thinking one is a slave
3. Play with slave/ master mode
4. Change patterns

Nothing has changed it. I'm doing bench testing so the wires are solid to 12v + and ground. The lights are from 2014 so warranty is still in effect. I'm thinking the driver has a fault in it, but i'm not good at troubleshooting too that extent. Figured i would ask here first in case it's something simple before initiating anything for warranty. Thank you everyone.


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I had the same problem with a cannon. Likely bad driver or water intrusion. Either way it's not fixable by user unless you are @wilsonbr90. Warranty it if possible.
@Sparky_911 thank you for the reply. I figured getting it to feniex would be the only way.
I did just play with it and the insert point where the wire goes into the lighthead was kinked. I straightened it and the light fired away... but only half the leds, every other one actually. So i'm thinking just contact feniex.

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every other one would be one color if its a dual color head light.

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