Ceridian Series Lightbars?


I saw it on their Facebook feed when it was released a week or two ago @ IACP and thought the same thing about being a "UK" looking bar and sharing the style of the Justice. I think Whelen answered some questions about it in the Facebook comments, I don't think it will replace anything... it's just another economy bar. It's not all that impressive, but they claim it was redesigned from the ground up... not sure I see the innovation here.


I am slightly intrigued by this bar and what it may bring. The blue that is used in the UK is such a deep and unique blue. Have always liked that hue of blue. Just curious if it’s the same blue that is used in this new bar and if it will be available to the US.


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I had seen this on the SNM website and it honestly doesn’t impress me overall, b/c it just looks like an upgraded justice IMO.

Since it’s not introducing any radical new technology or design, I think the KEY here for Whelen is to put it at a PRICE point that is comparable to the single and dual color fusion bars. If they can market it as a more economical alternative to the legacy, then I think it will catch on.

The center options both seem more geared to Europe that over here IMO. As for reintroducing the siren speaker in a lightbar, I think it’s a nice option for vollies (looking to minimize the amt of drilling/work needed on their POVs, esp ones with little grill space), but I dont foresee it catching on with a great popularity in the states


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Was just on the Whelen website and saw an advert for the new Ceridian Series of lightbars. Besides it being available in DUO and TRIO, being low-profile, having laser-etched opaque domes and having "a multitude of options available including a center speaker and lighted signs", not much else was said. It looks like a nice bar! Wonder where it's going to sit in terms of the Whelen hierarchy, so to speak. Is it going to be a mid-range or high-end bar? Kind of reminds me of a fancier Justice with a bunch of bells and whistles, to be honest.

Didn't find much on the site except some video links. The videos don't say much either. Whelen really excels at being hush-hush when it comes to their upcoming products, IMO. Here are two of the videos for your viewing pleasure:



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Centre speaker?


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And here I thought they were giving up on the market after so much failure to keep the customers happy, and get the parts they need to them after so many years waiting for freaking parts.... Twitch twitch...

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