chp vision lightbar pattern


Jul 31, 2010
can someone tell me which pattern on vision have CHP?

or what options they have on vision pad?

and if someone have it in his collection can he post a video?

what color combination of domes it have?

please help if you can.


May 23, 2010
Thet dont use the vision pad. They run it of the GE ranger system Domes from driver side to passenger side are as follows.....clear dome red to the front blue to the rear, clear dome blue to the front red to the rear, clear dome clear to the front TD blue to the rear, center pod is a red dome, right side is set up exact same way as driver side...the two outside pods also have clear cutouts to the side for alley lights.....

the have about 8 diffrent patterns set up for the vision and they have changed over the years too...maybe someone else can go over them or has a video..Im just out of time to explain them all :)
CHP uses several buttons on the GE Rangr radio head to control the Vision system. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but here's what I recall:

Red/WW: Press once- Pods 1/7 steady red front, Pods 3/5 blue oscillate rear**, Signalmaster on. Press twice- Same, adds w/w headlights and Pod 4 oscillating to front. This is a common "one-touch" button used for traffic stops, as it activates both front and rear low-level warning at one time.

Rr Amb/Red: Press once- Pods 1/7 oscilllate blue to rear, Signalmaster on. Press twice- adds Pods 2/6 oscillating red to rear.

**If clear TD button activated, Pods 3/5 become takedowns, can't remember if another set of pods become rear oscillators, but I THINK only has amber Signalmaster to rear at that point.

Code 3: There is one button that when pressed, activates whole light bar. All pods but 4 are standard speed rotators, with Pod 4 red steady burn forward, Signalmaster on. Pressing * button and this button activates as before but without Signalmaster (which is blinding to trailing cars in a pursuit, hence this option).

That is a basic summary of the Rangr functions. I think there are a few variations out there, but that was the standard when I was working with them.
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