commercial chassis, custom fab...... (nah we'll use gov surplus)

Discussion in 'Action Shots' started by Jarred J., Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    LMTV and a HEMMET

    (no sirens?)
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  2. Sparky_911

    Sparky_911 Member Gold Level Member

    Our surplus HMMWV works great. If it wasn't for the maintenance on those I'd totally be all for it. The tanker is a bit big for the rural setting imo, weigh limits and all. Strange light setup on the LMTV.....
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  3. jph2

    jph2 Senior Member

    Sparky might have a point on the HEMMT at about 33 tons GVWR but it's pretty nimble off-road with ground pressure rated at 58 psi loaded. But, with 24-inch ground clearance, it'll go just about anywhere off-road if regular road and bridge load limits are high enough for it to get there.

    I gotta say, they look pretty sharp in their red paint.
  4. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    I love that turning radius!
  5. #1texan

    #1texan Registered Member

    Finally, a vehicle that has a worse turning radius than my pickup. Was beginning to think they didn't exist.
  6. vonirkinshtine

    vonirkinshtine Site Regular

    Nice trucks. Lots of water. But can they pump? Hahaha.

    (I mean, I see the pumps, but can they match a purpose-built apparatus?)

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