Connecticut State Police 2013 Ford Interceptor Sedan

To me getting worked up over a practice that an agency has determined works for them over the course of several decades is a good example of bunched up panties
Na, I'd say getting all uptight cuz someone expressed an opinion different than your qualifies as getting your panties in a bunch. I am an ASE master mechanic, my only law enforcement experiences was as an explorer scout in the days of the Twinsonics, and later on a west coast Sheriff SAR team. Never had I seen officers, other than what I mentioned, take vehicles home. I did not know this was a practice and how in hell would I know that its something that has been done for decades on the other side of the country. I was just questioning the logic and reasoning behind it. (which you provided no insight into with you comments) I am surprised all these cops want everyone in the neighborhood knowing where they live. Unmarked cars are just as easy to recognize as marked ones. Do they have exempt licence plates. Here, it says the Department's name on the plate. Guess who is best at recognizing unmarked cop cars? the bad guys. In CA I know cops can have their license plate info unregistered so people can't look it up.
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