Cutting down a lightbar frame

May 22, 2010
Columbiana County, Ohio
Does anyone have any suggestions whom I need to contact about cutting down a full size lightbar frame ?

I wouldn't think that all welding shops would have the abilities to cut whelen edge frames or mx's and all...

Anyone here in Ohio willing to offer there services for a fee ?


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
I use a cut off miter saw because that's what I had available to me. I know members have taken them to local metal shops and had them cut with bandsaws for a nicer cut.
May 21, 2010
Dude my first time cutting a frame I took a K12 circular saw and just cut. It was a little ugly but if you're careful you can do it that way - would suggest it as a last resort method though...


New Member
May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
I have used a air hack saw which works good as long as use have a piece of straight metal

you attach to your straight cutting line, if cutting an edge down make sure using the side

with the hole in the bottom for the wiring harness, this saves you from boring another later.

Take your time and make its exactly what you needing.Once cut, there is way of going back.

For the typical mini edge, the actual bar/frame should be 24 inches and after complete the

two end caps make up two inches on end, making it a 28 inch mini edge, for gods sake if you

use magnet ,use at least 6-95 magnet. I use 8-95lb , so the bar is going anywhere for sure.

If you need any help, get ahold of

Jim Rogers


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