Dodge Durango SSV Feedback

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  1. My agency (Law Enforcement) has started discussing replacing our Ford PI Utility with the Dodge Durango SSV. With that in mind I'm seeking feedback from those who have used (recently) or are using the Durango SSV.
  2. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    I personally hate them. I find them to be uncomfortable. I'm 6'1" and feel crammed in, seat uncomfortable, etc. I think they're sluggish when you stomp on it and the turning radius makes it hard to whip around on a two lane.
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  3. tsquale

    How long have you been using them, what engine and how are they holding it maintenance wise?
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    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    If it had no center console, a column shifter or at least a one or two o-clock positioned rotary knob and steel wheels I would have selected it over the PIU
  5. tsquale

    tsquale Site Minion Platinum Level Member

    The agency has for as long as this current body style has been out... So idk 6 years? They have the hemi and they seem to be in the shop more than the PIUs and Rams in the fleet.
  6. tsquale

    Thank you for your feedback.
  7. FireEMSPolice

    FireEMSPolice Forum Guru

    Bad decision to switch from the PIU to the Durango.
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  8. ShadowSwipe

    ShadowSwipe Registered Member

    Is the Durango actually pursuit rated?

    Upon researching.
    "That said, like all SSVs, the Special Service package Durango is “not designed nor intended for high-speed emergency or pursuit ..."
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    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    There's talk of a Durango Pursuit for the 2019 model year
  10. I had not heard of this yet so now I need to go see what I can find.
  11. RyanZ71

    RyanZ71 Senior Member

    Not a good choice on the Durango SSV. Stick with the Fords, or go to the Tahoes.
  12. I like the Tahoe's, buy they have priced themselves out of business except for specialty use such as K9.
  13. billyfromhill

    billyfromhill Registered Member

    Wow! I didn't realize that the 2018 Tahoe SSV starts at 45.2k. That's right around 50% more than the PIU. The Ford comes with a lot of standard upfitting features that are extra on the Tahoe like horn ring circuit prep also which saves money also .
  14. When they switched body style 2 years or so ago they jumped almost 10k in one cycle on state bid, so Chevy lost a ton of Missouri business.

    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    IIRC the average contract base price for a Tahoe PPV/SSV is in vicinity of $33,000.
    About 4 model years back the GM bean counters concluded they were mistakenly pricing the police Tahoes to compete with the Ford PIUs but were comparing apples to oranges because the Tahoes were body-on-frame trucks while the PIUs were unibody cross-overs, so they adjusted their base pricing up approx $6,000.
  16. I haven't seen numbers to prove it, but I know their Missouri sales tanked because of it.

    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    I'm not at all surprised, they priced a lot of customers out of the car and running to Ford

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