Federal Signal Aerodynic Model 25


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So I've wanted a 25 since I knew what lightbars were, and here it is. I can't say I didn't spend an arm and a leg for it, but it showed up totally functional and just a bit dirty. I tore it down, cleaned it up, lubed the gears, gave the domes a bath, and put it back together. I managed to break an endcap because the gaskets got bunched up and jammed the whole dome in a weird way, so that's something I have to fix now. Even still, I'm glad I finally have one of these things. Here it is as it sits now; I changed the pattern to "alternating burst," which I think is easily the best pattern. It should be turning faster and shining brighter, but my power supply is only 30 amps, and these suckers pull a LOT of amps. Here's a video, because no post is complete without a video.

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The Model 25 (10 Rotator) is probably my favorite version of the Aerodynic.
Mostly because of the ability to switch up flash patterns across the whole bar.

Give those domes a polish, and if non halogen the correct bulbs should be GE 1195 38 watt bulbs.

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