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Feniex Typhoon Switch question

Hello all, first post and I have been doing alot of reading and researching various manufacturers.
I have a couple of questions on the Feniex Typhoon. Its rated at 30 amps, but 12 of those 30 are for the 6 light outputs. I will be running all of my light outputs to relays, which should require very minimal amperage on those 6 outputs. so 30 amps subtract 12 amps plus maybe .5 or less for each output that puts me at 21 amps. Do you all think I'm on the right track with that mindset? my thoughts are, that would allow me to run a 12 guage primary wire instead of a 10 gauage.
The wiring diagram for the Typhoon is not very clear on the light ouput wiring configuration. For instance on the switch ouput 1, it appears I just need to run that line to my pickup input on the relay. wouldn't that be correct?

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