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Sep 23, 2010
New York, USA
I could use some guidance. I am going need to be able to ship a 52" Federal Signal Street Hawk bar. At this point, I'm not even sure where to get the correct size shipping box. I want to have an idea of what I'm doing about shipping it before I post it for sale.


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Oct 12, 2010
Kinney Creek, MN
Hey Pat, I've shipped around 100 bars and have yet to have an issue with my method.

If you have a UPS store or FedEx store nearby, buy their "golfbag box" 48"x16"x16" for dimensions. Then buy a 16" cube. Buy 100foot of the 1" bubbles bubble wrap. Wrap the bar in that and sandwich the boxes together and you'll be all set. typically has the best rates for UPS. has the best rates for USPS. Haven't found anywhere good for FedEx rates, but they are sometimes still cheaper depending on overall dimensions and weight.


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May 15, 2013
Central Illinois
Look here for some help.

I have used uhaul sportsman boxes, up to 20ft of bubble wrap and 4-5 bags of foam peanuts to ship 50+ inch bars. Overkill is underrated, seriously, especially for a hawk. Better it show up in one piece than have to file a claim or find parts that are irreplaceable.

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