First Vision SLR failure. Here it is, folks.


Seven years ago, I bought a Vision SLR, paid for our of my own pocket. $3100. It is used at a non-profit railway museum for support on one of our maintenance-of-way vehicles. It is not in a harsh environment from a weather standpoint. It's Southern California, and we have fairly mild weather year round.

Two days ago it has experienced its first failure.

Traced the problem down to water in one of the pods. Found that all of the pod seals have failed, having cracked, and when touched, they turn to a pasty petroleum goo.

The bar has rust on the brackets and has for a few years now, and now this.

The Halogen Vision it replaced was much more rugged and reliable. This is very, very disappointing.

I'm told I need the following parts:

Z8652249A-AC at list price of $560.00 (Amber Pod)
Z8652107A at list price of $75.00 each (Dome Seal, and I need 6).

Unbelievable. I cannot wrap my mind around this. 1/3 the cost of the bar to replace just the pod and seals on the other pods. .I have put in an e-mail to the local Federal Signal rep just now, we will see if and how they handle this.

In the meantime, I guess I'm down a pod. Seems it works when it wants to. Otherwise it just rotates without lighting up, and doesn't initialize when the bar is powered on.

Anyone else experiencing any issues? Any suggestions?


A full multi-color Vision SLR is my holy grail item, but I refuse to pay what they think those are worth.

It is not surprising that agencies can't afford those, especially with parts pricing like you've mentioned. It sucks that that it failed on you, maybe a dealer in our community can help you reduce the repair costs, or possibly someone with used parts will chime in.

Just out of curiosity, is there still any standing water inside the pod or on the board? It seems odd that it would partially work following water damage, but I can certainly understand if that is the case.

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