Wanted Force 4 XL Amber or Clear Dome, Cascade Mirrors and (STRONG) Magnets


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Looking for a clear or amber dome, cascade mirrors and strong (90+) magnets for a Code 3 Force 4 XL mini-bar. Please PM or e-mail with info.

Thank you!

Pete L.

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Our local Home Depot store has the 90 or 95 lb. magnets for $4+change+tax (each).
The Lowes store might have them also.
Just saying.


I have clear XL mini domes, and "V" mirrors, don't know if you'd be able to get cascade mirrors between the rotators. PM me directly if you are interested. Thanks, wolfman


I’m also looking for a clear mini XL dome. I have an older XL with the sealed beams that I’ve been looking for a dome. Please PM me. Thanks


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I have an xl I'm parting out.

Has a clear dome, 4 standard 795 bulb rotators, 2 diamond mirrors and the center grill for a 55" bar.

The clear dome though would need a miracle to even remotely look decent though :(


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