Fundraiser for Officer lost to PTSD memorial


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This one is near and dear to me. April 17, 2023 I responded to one of my medically retired co-worker's suicide. Gary was one of the most dedicated public servants that our community has had, serving both as a police officer and on our volunteer fire department for many years. He attained PTSD in the line of duty due to some of the truly horrific scenes that he responded to.

Our agency is embarking on a fundraising drive to create a memorial in his memory. Currently financial donations are being solicited. We have created a beautiful suicide prevention and awareness version of our patch that will be released soon for purchase as a part of this fundraiser as well as options to "sponsor a cop" or buy a memorial brick. I will update this post with information on those items as soon as they go live. The official city page for this memorial is here:

Even if you are unable to donate, please consider sharing our agency's Facebook post to help spread the word:


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Here is some updated info:

As a part of our fundraising efforts for the memorial ZPD has created a special patch using the colors for Suicide Awareness and Prevention; teal and purple. Officers will proudly wear these patches on their uniforms in September, which is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. We are also selling these unique patches for $10 (or $11 if shipping is needed) with ALL PROCEEDS going towards the memorial fund. Nilssen's Zumbrota so kindly covered the cost of the patch order to make this possible; THANK YOU!
To order a patch, please follow this link:
To make a monetary donation, follow this link:
Donors who contribute $500 or more to the Gary Schroeder Jr. Memorial will be honored with a personalized 6"x9" engraved paver that will be prominently displayed at the memorial site. This paver will serve as a lasting tribute to their generosity and support, ensuring that their contribution is recognized and celebrated by all who visit the memorial. The engraved paver will feature the donor's name, along with a personal message or message of remembrance, creating a tangible and meaningful way for them to be a part of this important community initiative.
To make a donation for a paver, follow this link:
By investing in the memorial, these donors will play a crucial role in preserving the legacy of Gary Schroeder Jr. and ensuring that his memory and the impact he had on the community will be remembered for generations to come.

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