Fundraiser for Texas Police Officer.


I am raising money for a Texas police officer. His wife is terminal with some type of illness that effects how the body is able to use food intake. I do not know how to even start to spell the name. He also has two daughters that are 4 and 7 years old. They may also have the same illness as there mother. The family made it past Christmas OK, but have fallen a little behind on bills. I am trying to raise $1238 dollars to send to them to make a house payment. He will also be facing funeral expenses in the next few months if not weeks.
I will be raising money by selling items here on the forum. I will be selling mostly new uniform items along with a few used light and siren items. 100% of the sale will be going toward the family. I will be taking payment via regular goods and services via paypal and sending the funds to him via paypal friends and family.
If you would like to make a donation outside of a sale please contact me and I will give you more information about the family. I do not want to post his information on the forum. I will give you full information via PM so you know this is a legitimate request.
Please look for my for sale post in the forum.
Thanks for reading this post and for any consideration you may have.

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