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Fusion interior lightbar charger.

Does anyone have pics of the mounting brackets for their fusion interior light-bar on a 2013 charger? I'm pretty sure I received the wrong brackets. It's not even close to lining up.
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Tom Pringle

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I know the ones for my Explorer sucked. I had to bend and twist to get them to be close. There is still a lot of flashback due to the bars not close enough to the windshield..
They're telling me the brackets go under the headliner between the metal roof and the headliner. Does that sound right? I was under the impression the brackets went between the visor mount and the headliner, not under the headliner.

EDIT: They replied they mis-spoke and that it should go on top of the headliner as I thought (between headliner and visor bracket)
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The brackets for my 2017 charger we're decent at best. The outer edge brackets on both sides were a pain. My bar still doesn't sit flush up against the windshield like it's supposed to. I know this doesn't really answer your question but I'm just throwing it out there lol


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I don’t know this for a fact but I may be possibe for you to have the wrong brackets.
Let’s say for example your car is an early model 2013 and the engineers made a slight modification to the visors. Dodge may have continued to use left over 2012 parts on your 2013. I don’t know if the 2012 and 2013 are the same but I have seen it happen before. Or maybe you just got the wrong ones. Fenix I’m sure would send pictures of the brackets to you for both years ( if they differ at all).
Just to update this thread with a conclusion, it was determined that I did in fact receive the wrong bracket. And for future reference to anyone that stumbles on this thread, the following pictures are of the Fusion Interior lightbar in a Feniex Dodge Charger Demo vehicle:


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