gamma 2 question

On the gamma 2 I know that the tone button controls the primary tone, but can you program more that 1 tone on the manual button? The info sheet from Whelen says 3. Does it cycle through the 3 when you press the man button or how does it work?
I saw that vid, but it only show 1 tone on the tone button and 1 different tone on the manual. I realize you can change the tones, but my question is if I press the manual button will it cycle though 3 selectable tones? Does this make sense? Does anyone have one installed?


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May 30, 2011
I have a gamma 2 installed, its a very nice unit for the price amount, Only thing I would like it to have is a dual siren mode but to answer your question.

The gamma 2 works like this

in the standby mode you can hit the man button and you can cycle it thru 3 tones( you can set each tone to what you want)

on the tone mode you can set it to 1 tone that you like and if you hit the man button you can also set that to a tone you want

so in all you can have 5 tones of your choice..

I have mine set to standby+man1 wail: man2 yelp: man3 pier: tone button powercall: tone+man button mech Q

you can also set the horn mode to 3 different sounds of air horns

system is very easy to use.. plus I like the added 2 lighted swicthes

Down fail to this model: is only 100 watts output( I would use a whelen siren, I had another speaker and it just wasnt that loud)

it doesnt have a dual siren mode & it is not back lit so at night sometimes its a pain.

But I would buy another one if I needed a good cheap siren!!!

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