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In Ontario, Canada, green is for VFFs.

In England, it goes to doctors, as a courtesy light.

In France, green is not used, except for... FD command vehicles !


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TheGatekeeper said:
In Ontario, Canada, green is for VFFs.
In England, it goes to doctors, as a courtesy light.

In France, green is not used, except for... FD command vehicles !
Ontario Canada - vff and certain classification of medical responders. both as a courtesy light.
My green 9M. The wife calls it "the cricket". It is a loud strobe, I'll give her that!

I have a firebeam that has a half green filter too, but no photos of it




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Just finish this custom 420 Green Beacon.

NOS dome and base, used 2 fast LP6000 rotors, 12' approx wire and new cig plug. All it's lacking is the new magnets which I need to order.

And then it will be forsale



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AllStrobedUp said:
Here is my humble set up, it is ever and always changing.

I think I saw that in an documentery on Area 51.


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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?? :ugh: :ugh: :ugh:

Stampeed Valkyrie

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okay... that right there is what I need to show up all the teenagers hanging out at the sheetz on Friday nights...



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unlisted said:
Ditto, however most here know that much about me already... ;)
MIGHT have something to do with your signature...


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empire5150 said:
Green/amber code 3
Looks nice. Now all youneed is to wet sand the domes and it will be brite as hell.


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I just received this very nice original FB-1 version green dome for the Fire Ball (left)

The one on the left is the original 1960s version (unstamped top), and is a lighter color.

The one on the right is a newer (F7 stamped top), and is a little darker green




These Mars dash lights are a bit hard to find, too, I understand...

I was tempted to put some green filters and sealed-beams into every clear-domed beacon/bar I have to add to this thread but that would be cheating and who has that kind of time!




Florida 316.2397 Certain lights prohibited; exceptions

Vehicles owned or leased by private security agencies may show or display green and amber lights, with either color being no greater than 50 percent of the lights displayed, while the security personnel are engaged in security duties on private or public property.

So cool thread :)


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Curious to see if anyone out there has Green Warning lights on their ambulance? The Truck Im in today has a Green Tomar LED light in place of the Amber 700 series LED on the back, for the KKK standard. Just got the truck today and was surprised to see that.

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Here are two that I have photos of. I also have a Code 3 Dashlaser with a green front lens and a green lens for my Sho Me Stealth.

NOS ActionLite:


Real nice Five-0:


Windycity411 said:
I would like to see that 5-0 in red/green (since r/g is the coolest color combo evah)!!!!
I have to agree but some times red and green means your getting underwear and wool sweaters

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