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Not complete lights however these still deserve to be posted in this thread!

NOS Dominion Automotive Teardrop domes! (brand spanking new!!!)

NOS Green Strobe Beacon dome (unknown specifics)

Used Dashlaser domes


2014-06-29 20.55.59.jpg

2014-06-29 20.56.26.jpg

2014-06-29 20.54.16.jpg


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I still have no green... neither green lights nor the green to buy them.

Jarred J.

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i found my green firebeam dome the other day :)
I "made" a green Firebeam by using a full amber dome with a half black and a half blue. I tried to put a video of it on here, but it wouldn't take. 
Today, I hit the neighborhood antique shop. There was a Twin Beacon Ray light with a non FS cracked red dome. Hooked it up to a charger and it lit up but didn't spin. I bought it for $40, took it home, cleaned it up, got it rotating and put a NOS dome on it....  

Also in the green light department today.....

I took that G/C/G mini-vector and customized it. I took out the middle fast rotator and put in an oscillator. I don't believe FS ever sold them that way, so It's kinda cool.

Second, I found that Edwards Signaling makes a green dome that is a perfect fit on a Unity RV-15. Edwards' Adaptabeacon line also markets a light that looks just like a Unity RV-25. Unlike Unity, Edwards' Stratolite domes appear to come in green and magenta. So I'm all over that!

green tbr.JPG

vector oscl.PNG

vector oscl1.JPG

green rv-15.JPG



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We have the only Feniex Cannon with green in it we are trying to get Feniex to produce the cannon with green but they say that there isn't enough demand for it so I think everyone should call and request it so we can get them to produce them.
I should make a correction: That type of mini vector wasn't a stock item, but with FS customization sheet, you could specify pods however you wanted. I'd like to build one with 2 TCL's and one oscillator. Also, the domes from Edwards Signalling that appear to fit RV-25's are rather expensive. $63-$70 per dome depending on the retailer. I'm not sure I need green & purple domes that bad!


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Here are some pics of my premier hazard gyrolaser, now known just as 880m. This is the older style with the metal power strip reflector and old ph logo. Incidentally which way we're these supposed to be mounted? I presume they are similar to code3 dash laser so is it slope to front or rear?

Sorry for the poor pics it is an iphone






Jarred J.

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I found my green pancake dome now too


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Neat Jet! I recently posted a sweet green S&W lightbar in the For sale other section


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I have an old green responder (the single rotator) but cannot for the life of me find a picture of it.....

Y'all have seen green responders before though :cool:

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Does this count?

And the Video...



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darn u

Yes it counts
I was actually thinking about putting a clear dome on the one side and putting the Green Par 36 inserts over the bulb like in my other posting.



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Nice!  I have never seen green used around here (central Virginia), I have no green in my collection and, unfortunately, there is no green in my wallet.  Thanks for the video.

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