Has any Twinsonic collectors had this happen ?


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Jun 3, 2010
The large black gear that gets driven from the motor is slipping on the piece that it sits on. The bent thin washer that acts to apply down pressure to the gear must not be giving enough pressure to hold the gear assy tight enough......result, the rotators won't spin. This gear is a real bear to put on as you have to compress that thin washer enough to get the "C" clip on the shaft.

Question: What is the best way to fix this ? bend the washer more , Glue the gear to the shaft ???????? I dunno. What would you do or what have your done ?

dmathieu said:
Twinsonic, or Aerodynic?

"Has any Twinsonic collectors had this happen "
Ummm it sounds like your gear is slipping with the "transmission". Check to make sure your chains are free of grease build up, check all of your bushing thru out to make sure they allow the shafts to spin freely. After that call me for a replacement assy.
Well all my chains were free and also not too tight nor greasy. I just swapped out the gear assy with a spare I had and it works now. Kinda seems like the other gear had just a little too much slop when it mounts to the gear assy. Maybe I'll shim it with a piece of paper and put it back together and play with it another time.

Thanks everyone!
This item is called a clutch. It is made to slip when something is binding or dragging in the system. The key words are "IT IS MADE TO SLIP". Make sure that the rest of the drive train works smoothly and easily.

John Dorgan

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