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Discussion in 'SoundOff Signal' started by Icepuck72, May 2, 2017.

  1. Icepuck72

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    I'm new to anything SoundOff. I have the Tri-Color. Red/Amber/White.

    I don't understand these instructions to isolate colors. Feniex and Whelen are super easy...this I'm not comprehending.

    I'm using a Feniex Mini 4200 to control them. All I want is simple. Flash amber when I'm landscaping (got it). Flash red or red/amber when or if I have to pull over for anything. And steady burn for whatever.

    I know I may not be able to just flash red and amber..I may have to flash all 3. No biggie. I rarely would ever need it. However, there are a total of 5 wires coming out of the back. Of course one is negative and one is positive, and one is sync. Instructions say to use this wire for this, and this for that...but I'm not getting it. Someone help me figure this out or I'll have to send these back.
  2. Jarred J.

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  3. Icepuck72

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    I actually spoke to Chris at Sirennet this morning. He said it is able to be done...but it's not the easiest to figure out. I even mentioned to him that I wished Feniex made a 3 color Fusion. I really want to like these lights but it's a major PITA!!!!
  4. Icepuck72

    Icepuck72 Member

    Oh...and they're able to be ordered in ANY color you want.
  5. unlisted

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    If you want full control of each color, it can be done... Its near impossible tho and requires the purchase of additional parts. I had the instructions on how to do it over the winter- I'd have to ask my rep for a copy again as I lost the info. Let me know if I should try to get it.

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