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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Cleatus Snow, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Cleatus Snow

    Cleatus Snow Registered Member

    Hey y'all, from Georgia.
  2. Tony P

    Tony P Moderator Support Staff

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    Welcome to the site! Anything in particular that brought you here, or are you just an addict like the rest of us?
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  3. Nathan R

    Nathan R Administrator Administrator

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    What he said.

  4. Cleatus Snow

    Cleatus Snow Registered Member

    Absolutely addicted to lights. My father was a police officer, I have been collecting for a few years. I am in search of more light and knowledge.
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  5. dmathieu

    dmathieu Premium Member

    Welcome, and beware! This is no short term hobby....Once you're hooked, you're hooked. I've been at it for over 55 years.
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  6. OliverD

    OliverD Established Member

    Welcome to eLB ;)
  7. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member


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  8. jph2

    jph2 Senior Member

    Welcome to eLB! You've come to the right place; great group here and lots of knowledge. :)
  9. coop359

    coop359 Member Silver Level Member

    Welcome from a new southern resident.
  10. OSP959(R)

    OSP959(R) Member

    Are you Hank Snow's brother?
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  11. Skulldigger

    Skulldigger Site Veteran

    Oh No ! Competition in Georgia !... Welcome aboard. What part of Georgia ar you from?

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