hi everyone


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Hello everyone.... this site was recommended to me by a longtime member and I'm tired of jumping through hoops to sell emergency lights and lenses on eBay so I'm here to give it a try. I own a small, independent auto parts store & have quite a few Dietz, Yankee, KD Lamp Co., Stratolite, etc. NOS lenses & lights available. I'm an eBay vet so it may take me a while to figure everything out over here, so if theres anything the members can tell me that may help me get started and successfully sell a few items on here it will be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.


Mar 3, 2011
New England
Welcome to the forums Slinger….

As requested; for sale ads can be placed relatively easy in the “forsale/trade”and an actual picture is recommended for the masses here. Pics can be uploaded via phone, while videos need u tube links or some other video host.
Also, if you could keep the eboink prices away from here, you’ll do much better with positive interactions. Haha. Most of us are willing to pay modest prices, but hopefully you know what I mean.We have a thread somewhere relating to absurdity.
The knowledge and expertise of services contained in this community are second to none.
I’m into Red as my color of choice. What ya got?
Welcome from New England.

Tony P

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Sep 13, 2015
Midwest, USA
Welcome to the forum! Lots of great members and buyers here


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Sep 15, 2017
I have puchased twice from this seller on ebay and I am glad to see him on elightbars. I highly reccomend him. He packs safely and ships quickly. Great comunication and the goods are as described.

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