How I spent my Memorial Day Afternoon


May 23, 2010
Akron Ohio area
About 1350 hours on Memorial day at the PD we got a call for a brown box at the post office, normally one would think no big deal it probably needs mailed. Well, this was a decent sized box with over 20 stamps and no return address labeled to a local bigger city police department lost and found. Needless to say, we got to cause all kinds of comotion out of that. Sheriff Bomb Squad, ATF, and Postal police all came out to play. Here are some pictures I took from my cell phone, they are not the best, but the get the point across.

Front of S.O. Bomb Squad Truck


Another front shot


rear shot




back of trailer. Personally, only 50 ft is kind of funny to me


Bomb tech walking up


bomb tech placing X-ray panel, he is next to the white fedex box


bomb tech setting up portable X-ray machine, he is at the bottom of flag pole in picture


At this point I stopped taking pictures and figured it might be a good idea to actually take some cover just in case. It turned out to be nothing, but even the bomb guys said that it sure had the makings and markings of being something. The box was left under a blue stand alone mailbox next to the white fedex box. I know it is kind of hard to tell by the pictures.


May 23, 2010
Akron Ohio area
A womans purse, keys, wallet, cell phone, and other junk inside the purse. She is from Akron and is a known prostitute with warrants for her. Hopefully she just got picked up by somebody and left leaving all of her stuff behind and is not dead somewhere here in town. Does not really matter anymore, the case has been turned over to the postal police, so let them deal with it.

On a side note, our local postal inspector has a pretty pimped out Suburban. Lights were cool, but all the gadgets he had in that thing. He asked me not to take a picture, so I didn't, but man that thing was cool.

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