Inner Edge XLP vs. FST info


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Hello everyone, I'm a new member from CT. I am looking to install an inner edge on my 2017 Ram 1500. We have the XLP's on our cars at work so I know how reliable and low profile they are. I am curious if anybody here has any experience or thoughts about the inner edge FST. Is the extra bulk to accommodate the Proclera optics worth it over the XLP and are the optics themselves any better? There aren't too many reviews or literature about it online, so I figured I would try my luck here with the pros. Any help in making a decision would be appreciated. Thank you!
Welcome to the site! I dpn;t know the answer to your question, but am following to see what others think as I am looking to get a quality inner bar for my Durango.



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Thank you, it's good to be here. Hopefully somebody will have some insight for the both of us.


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I’m also from CT. I had an XLP in my old charger. The thing worked amazing. Mine wasn’t the duo but it was red and blue with the takedowns. I felt like the takedowns weren’t very bright. I just got a new truck and upgraded to the FST. It’s a little brighter however it is also a little bulkier. I have a truck so the window is large and fits without an issue. If I put it in the charger I don’t know if I would be as happy. The takedowns on the FST are much brighter and light up the scene a much better. The new one is also red and blue with two take downs. I think it depends on the vehicle your putting it into. My F-150 it fits well and I’m 6ft tall. A sedan and even some of the SUV’s you may notice its hard to see the traffic lights.


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Thank you! I was leaning towards the FST's but my biggest concern was the added bulk making it hard to see.I am 6 ft as well and they will be going into a Ram 1500. It sounds like I shouldn't have to much of an issue then. Thanks again.

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I wasn't aware Whelen had two options. The State patrol in our area runs a dual color Whelen ILB, and although the light heads are thinner than the SOS ones in my car, the mounts/shields make the entire assembly just as thick.

I'm 6'4", and have the ILB in an Explorer, and I am not annoyed whatsoever by the space it takes up. I do however have my seat set to the lowest position, which helps of course.

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