Is this Aerodynic worth restoring?


Jun 2, 2010
Middle of nowhere, VT
I bought this about 9 years ago, and it sat in the back of my parent's barn since then. I was over to their house a few days ago and was like "I wonder if that old lightbar is still back there" and sure enough it was. I believe I have the PAR bulbs, holders & center section SOMEWHERE, but only God himself knows where they are. No lenses, no screws for the lenses, no bulbs, no anything other than what's there (but the reflectors will clean up nicely).

I'm not looking to make it prefect, but at least presentable to keep in my collection of junk. I know I'll never find the parts, so what I believe I'll need are some lenses, center grille (with the horizontal bars), all the screws for the center grille, the broken plastic piece, (6) H1 bulbs, (6) PAR bulbs & holders, lens screws, feet (I've seen them on here for $1 each), straps... and that's all I can think of ATM other than a speaker for the middle.

Whaddya guys think, would I be better off buying a complete used bar and just using this for parts? The motor works fine and all the reflectors and gears rotate freely.







given the abundance of aerodynics i would say its not worth your time. you can find one for around 100.00 bucks complete, that i'm sure would just need wiping on the inside.
It does not look all that bad, if you can get the parts for it cheap then clean it up and restore it. If not then use it for parts if you find a whole replacement for cheap. The older gear driven bars are 10x better IMHO as you can control the flash patterns and make some really fancy patterns. I do not like the independent rotators as they are just random.
Well really it's up to you. a do you want to pour lots of time and cash hunting down part's or find a bar intacked that might need a little tlc. looking at your pic I see at least five more bar lights standing up back thier. so I hate to say it, it probly is now a parts bar. but knowing if you go ahead and fix it up , you can say I did it myself and can be proud of your accomplishment. so once again , IT'S UP TO YOU.
Depends on your priority.

I bought an AeroDynic that needed MUCH LESS tlc and still it cost me pretty much to get it in good conditions again.

If you want the challenge and love the bar, then go for it and restore it.

Money-wise, this will be expensive. Just the shipping of the parts will, imho, raise the $$ enough to be better off buying another AeroDynic.

Plus, if you wanna part this bar, let me know. I might need a few things... :cool:
Part it out, that one is a basket case.

There are too many decent ones floating around for $100 or less than need little to nothing done to them. Unless you just want to invest time, money, and effort into the one you have, just keep it for parts.
Yeah, I have about 22 MX bars back there, one Edge and two Jetstrobes - that's my only areodynic :D

There's no sentimental value to that bar for me, I just liked it because of the gear-driven rotators. I'm going to look around and see what I can find for complete bars, I guess that will give me more of a reality check on what this thing is worth to me.
If you ask me,i would restore it 100%. Aerodynic bar is a legend for me and if i get hands on some used aero i can't wait to restore it.

so go on and don't wait,you won't be disapointed.
Looks like a good parts bar to me… probably would be worth more just used to repair more complete bars and whatnot.
That bar is missing lots of parts, I'd call it a parts bar.
Tbourg93 said:
I know Federal signal still makes domes for aerodynics but for other parts im not to sure about

I cannot be absolutely sure, but they probably have most parts still around. I bought two complete stainless grille sets from them a year ago. The speaker option hasn't been available for many years. You would most likey find a parts bar as others have said with near mint componants for less than fesh parts from FS.

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