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Discussion in 'CEVS' started by CEVS, May 18, 2015.

  1. CEVS

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    Here is an install we did on a Jeep Wrangler POV for a firefighter. Flash patterns could use some adjustment, it was a very late night.


    - Apollo 800 Blue/Clear Over Windshield

    - Apollo 400 Blue/Clear on Hood

    - 4 Apollo F6 Blue/Clear on front bumper (2 forward 2 sidewards)

    Rear lighting to be added in the future.

    Mode 1

    Mode 2

    Full Flood Mode

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  2. Storm82

    Storm82 Established Member

    Looks good, but between the 800 and the F6's it looks to be pretty well covered, and don't really need the 400.

    All three just seems like a little much, does your state allow rear lights?

    Oh and, day time video, FTW! [emoji14]
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  3. efdfirefighter

    efdfirefighter Junior Member

    Looks great, I'm with Storm 400 seems like a little much. I was looking at putting an 800 in my wrangler. Did you put in anything for flashback? How is the flashback? Thanks!!
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  4. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    Looks great. Personally, I don't think it seems like too much; the flash patterns are effective, and it is a tasteful setup, so I think it is solid.

    What're your plans for the rear?
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  5. TritonBoulder47

    TritonBoulder47 Site Guru

    I like it...   :thumbsup:

    I'd throw the Apollo 400 on the rear and call it done...  Hook up the white flood to the reverse lights (for added reverse lights) and an auxiliary switch (for when ever you want them on).  
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  6. CEVS

    CEVS Dealer Extraordinaire Gold Level Member

    I would agree with the 400, however they wanted An additional flood bar there so they opted to go with a dual function bar. Day time video is on the to do list.

    Did not put anything in for flashback, the 800 is mounted outside over the windshield to tubular offroad light bat mount. Surprisingly, there is no flashback.

    We have not come up with a solid plan for the rear yet, but it wont be to extravagant like the front. Possibly a couple T3's or F6's, but anything is possible.
  7. Storm82

    Storm82 Established Member

    Since there are F6's on the front, I would do the same in the rear, probably in blue/amber.
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  8. Storm4200

    Storm4200 Veteran Member

    Damn it storm82. Your name is too close to mine. Im always like, "i dont remember typing this". Gets me every time. Lol.
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  9. CEVS

    CEVS Dealer Extraordinaire Gold Level Member

    Ended up keeping the rear super simple.  Popped out the reverse lights and installed blue/white Cannons in place of them.  No video or pics at the moment though.
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