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I started a small vinyl graphics business last year that I just operate out of my home (for now) in northeast Ohio and I'm trying to expand in the fleet vehicle graphics area. Since I'm still new in the industry, I'm not looking to make thousands of dollars, but more importantly, I'm looking to get my name out there and some experience under my belt.

If anyone is interested in vehicle graphics or know of an agency that might be, please feel free to contact me or refer them to me. For installations, I can travel to you (or your agency) as long as it's in Northeast Ohio or Northwest Pennsylvania. I can also create the decals and ship them to you with installation instructions, if you wish.

I'll be posting pictures of concepts I've designed at a slightly later date!

Thank you for your time!

KLEVR Grafix

Toll Free: (877) 249-9185

If I do not answer, please leave a message! This is not my full time job.

KLEVR Grafix is also a dealer for Lifetime LEDs Off-Road LED Products!
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do you have reflective and do you make license plates?

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