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May 22, 2010
Anybody have any experience with the Able2 Sho-me LED By The Inch?? Saw a couple installs on YouTube where they used them, and it appeared to be fairly bright. Wasn't sure if it would be an economical alternative to purchasing an interior lightbar.
ive used them before, they are Gen 1 and only double stacked. I wouldnt use them for primary use but secondary they are fine
I've checked out the gen 1 Sho-Me by-the-inch lights. My opinion is they're plenty bright and well built, can't stare directly at them without nearly going blind. But I used them for indoor display only, not real-world. So take it for whatever it's worth...
Dont think they are bright enough for a primary light. They are only 5mm. I know OwlEmt on youbube puts them on all the federal cars he does. I wouldnt put it in my car as a primary light.
ark_firefighter said:
Get a hold of Greg @ Microman...his bars are generation 3 and at the same pricing as Able 2


He's an ELB member too...

+ 1. I would much sooner purchase from Microman VS the gen 1 option from the other company. I've seen both in person- there is no comparison, other than the price tag being basically the same. ;)
I would not recommend them. As already mentioned they are Gen 1 and you can get some newer stuff that is much better. I own several of the LED-by-the-inch, and have had several of the diodes die in two of the sections.
I have several of these lightheads and they are great for secondary lighting. Not so hot for primary, but mine have been trouble free, completely customizable, low draw, and *relatively* cheap. The upcharge for blue is silly, imo.
I use to have them as primary lighting and was not good at clearing traffic in the bright Texas sun i would not recommend them at all :eek:
My wife had one in red/amber in her rear window a few years ago & it worked well for the application & was cheaper than other options, but since microman is around now you're better off going with one of his bars for the same $$$. They are much brighter.
I made my own flashback using double thick card board ... i know it sounds retarted but the box was free I had the spray paint and the glue laying around ... why spend 10+ dollars plus shipping when you can make one...
We use them all of the time on Federal vehicles. They spec them. Not a great primary light, but a very easy install and they work.

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