LED PAR 36 takedown/alley suggestions?


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May 20, 2010
east of Cleveland
I'm trying to decide which brand of PAR 36 LED lights I should use on my Explorer for takedown & alley lights. It's a slicktop, unmarked (for now) with luggage rack. I'm going to mount some lights on the front cross beam of the luggage rack to serve as takedown lights. I'm going for the "KC Highlighter" look to stay somewhat low-key to someone who isn't paying attention. Might even get the yellow smiley covers for 'em :)

Grote makes some impressive on paper bulbs as seen here and SOS & Code 3 seem to make some good stuff too. I like the new body style on the Code 3 lights as opposed to the bulbous rubber housing on the PAR36 strobe bodies I've seen.

I'm looking for a combination spot/flood, with an emphasis on spot and a good amount of light output. So...recommendations on which brand to purchase, housings, etc?


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May 20, 2010
I think you should go with Grote- if only for that buy one get one free deal.. Plus.. They make different lenses for different applications, which the end user can change as/when needed.. (sounds like the SOS univeral LAW's)

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