Lighting Ideas for my 96 explorer


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Aug 4, 2010
Hello Group,

I have a 1996 Ford Explorer that I have purchased for a POV. I have already made a "undercover" lightbar from Code3 XT3's and XT4's. The two lightbars fit under the roof rack and are very hard to see when not in use. Now, I would like to have something in the taillights and the front corner lights. I have had people tell me not to use strobes due to heat build-up in the Explorer light housing. I have not been able to find a tailight flasher that can be used on a Ford.

I am not trying to find the cheapest....I am trying to find the best for my application.

I am all ears!

A Sound Off ETFB00 Flashback can be used on a Ford with no fear of disengaging the Park/Brake interlock.
I have HAW Strobes in the corner lamps and rear turn signal and back up lamps on my 2000 Explorer. They have been in there for 4 years with zero problems. The wrap around corner lamps provide great intersection warning. I also have 2 split sound off ghost's in the grill, dual avenger on the dash, HLF, split talon on each side quater glass, dual talon in the rear glass, and a whelen arrow with strobe ends up on the roof. I removed my roof rack, but toyed with the idea of mounting lights under the cross bars.
Don't waste your time on HAW LEDs. Why use a light that's only effective during the half the time and relies on being mounted a specific eay or depends on how your reflective housing is used. I've seen plenty other Ford Explorers with HAWs.

Now, if you still fear putting HAW strobes in, you could always do grille lights of some sort, or, get a 10-75 license plate intersection bracket. It basically wraps around your front LP and allows for the mounting of a lighthead to face to the sides (for intersection warning). On the back, you could do a LP bracket above the LP for a pair of LEDs facing rear.

Those are just suggestions if you don't wanna mess with HAWs.

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