My latest Install 2017 Ford Utility With RotoRay

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  1. smokeeatertk28

    smokeeatertk28 Junior Member

    Im sure if you ave face book you have seen this but if not this is the last vehicle i built.... Let me know what you think... Please don't mind the dummy salesmen who hit the rotoray

    What you cant see is over 800W of speakers hidden lol

    90% all whelen products

    Whenen Carbide with OBD2 port , Tracers, Legacy, Ions, Microns,

    Only thing provided by ford is the fog lights. witch are still whelen

    Also finished this one as well

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  2. Jarred J.

    Jarred J. Archive Expert Silver Level Member

    its WHEELEN... call them they will tell you that LOL

    and thats whacktastic
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  3. #1texan

    #1texan Registered Member

    Quality of the install looks vary good, but everything else is just ridiculous (IMO).
  4. StEaLtH2

    StEaLtH2 Enthusiast Silver Level Member

    Just wow. What a waste of funds on a buggy
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  5. C17LVFD

    C17LVFD Senior Member

    let's see. Sounds like a eq2b, executor, carbide and maybe an authentic power call???

    Great install and the install is on par for Chief Larry.

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  6. smokeeatertk28

    smokeeatertk28 Junior Member

    Why do u say that? Did u see the bill? Majority of the lights and sirens were paid for out of this chiefs own pocket. The install time was donated by me And that's in the 40 hour range to say the least. The only thing any funds paid for is a light bar and a few hide aways. Just saying.
  7. StEaLtH2

    StEaLtH2 Enthusiast Silver Level Member

    First of all I'd like to say that it looks like a very high-quality install, so u ask why do I say my comment, well..
    Whether or not the lights were purchased brand new or not they were purchased at one time, I'm sure there's an apparatus that would be better suited to have a roto ray, and come on, 800 watts of siren.. seriously.?.?. Again, likely a rig that's running one speaker only and would benefit from a bit more audible power.
    Now being that this is America and people can spend their money on whatever they choose, and have an opinion on everything, from a first impression standpoint I'd be hard pressed to take whoever gets out of that thing seriously.. not trying to enflame or start a riot, just using as few words as possible on one cup of coffee to justify my comment.
    Again, nice install, just too much whacktastic for me...
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  8. smokeeatertk28

    smokeeatertk28 Junior Member

    Thank you,. For the kind words in my install. This chief is the reason I got into this business 14 years ago. He had a bronco with a real Federal Q, air horns, roto-ray. He was the reason people call others squirrels. He has over 50 years in the fire service paid and volunteer he actually converted his home into a firehouse alerting system and house siren and all. Has an antique Fleet engines trucks Rescue Squad ambulance. Fire department is life for him and this was his retirement vehicle. And trust me when I say if he was the chief of the department what do you think is apparatus looks like if his buggy looks like that LOL. I actually spect the vehicle for him and he removed about $5,000 worth of equipment LOL. And to be honest in DC Metro area you can have a thousand watts of siren and people still don't get out of your way. I also was told by many that the rotary was impossible to install on that vehicle so of course I had to do it. Overall thank you again for the comments on the installation I know I didn't give enough background when I listed the video but hopefully you can understand Firehouse is life to some people.
  9. pdk9

    pdk9 Veteran Member

    Very quality work in both videos, and I imagine the roto-ray was a bit of a challenge (however you made it look clean). I agree that some of noisemakers are in excess (800+ watts), though. How come he needs lights/sirens if this is a retirement vehicle?
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  10. delcofirecop

    delcofirecop Member

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  11. smokeeatertk28

    smokeeatertk28 Junior Member

    it will be the last vehicle he is in when e retire's
  12. Definitely awesome - a bit too much IMO, but...quality install for a (I'm sure) awesome guy who dedicated his life to the FD and his crews.
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    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    Overall stupid, and I don't mean the Roto-Ray
  14. smokeeatertk28

    smokeeatertk28 Junior Member

    Thank you for the Great Feedback... ;)

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