my truck and my bro's truck


May 23, 2010
hey guys here is the link to the crummy video i took with my blackberry of my truck and my brother in laws truck. mine is the green dodge it has a mini phantom in the window with 2 maxxima 3 led grill lights and a sirennet 35 flashpattern haw's. jays truck is the red one with a galls red white strobe head in the window and i believe they are galls red red grill lights. he also has a whelen light pack for the rear just in the rear backups. same with my truck only mines the sirennet kind. soon to come on my truck is a new lightbar and a PA system. oh i also posted in the other instal category also lol didnt know which one to put ti in so i put it in both hahahaha :oops:
Ya it does but whatever lol but u have no prob seeing mine hahaha but imma try and get a night video to and see how that comes out
Have you seen the use proper english thread? If not go to the ring and check it out.
jonny521 said:
lol what the hellis that supposed to mean :?: :!: :lol:

viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3348 <!!~ See topic here. Didn't know it was down there because you probably don't go that far down on the site.
aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaahah fluffy thast awsome thanks for showing me that. lol awww man i love everybody on here and im sayen thast sarcastically and i mean it at the same time its a love hate realtionship you know :lol: :mrgreen: and after i saw this i went down and saw what he meant
Good, I am glad you are actually visiting the whole site. Enjoy!
lol ya ive been on here just never realized how much was on here but i better make sure i get rid of all my mistakes i dont want college boy to give me a F on my grammar test LOL :lol:
Lol oh ok I'm pretty sure I passed high school and stuff and did pretty good in it. So I do know how to spell but I guess I have to spell things out correctly cause some people don't understand the abbreviation of a word
You totally understood the purpose. Yes, we are a bunch of thick people hanging around on this site.

And thank you!

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