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Old Federal electronic siren web site gone


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Well, I just found out that my internet service provider is no longer offering web hosting with my internet account, so all my hobby web sites have vanished. So that means my Old Federal Electronic Sirens web page is gone. The page had a lot of visitors and I got quite a few e-mail messages from people who found the site very informative. I thought I'd mention this because I know that some of you on the elightbars forum have visited the web page.

I'd like to get the web page back up on the Internet, but I'm not sure which way to turn as far as hosting options are concerned. It's just a personal/hobby web site, so I'm not crazy about paying a monthly fee just to keep it up.

But for the moment all is not lost. I do have a video on YouTube featuring my favourite versions of the PA15A and PA20A sirens, and I'm thinking about doing another video that will include earlier and later sirens.

If you want to watch my video, click on the link below:

I know it's a bit goofy, but that's just my nature.


I liked your video and your furr hat! You made me smile, giggle and stay interested. Very informative thanks for posting it!

Oh yeah, we share the same taste in music! ;)
Do you have any kind of backup of what was on the page(s)? Do you know how much space you would need?

I have some spare web space and could set up an FTP user ID if you know how to use that.

rick h.

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Wailer . I hope that you can get something worked out and get your page back up and running .I know you had put a lot of thought and research into your site


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crescentstar69 said:
P.S. I'm diggin' the dead rodent on your head!!

I love my goofy fur hat. It's the only hat that looks good on me.


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I'm pretty sure we could help you out. PM what you need exactly.

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