Possible to swap LED heads???


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Jun 14, 2010
Hi all. It will be clear in a minute, but I have zero experience with lightbars and am looking for an answer.

My Dodge Charger has a Whelen LED lightbar. I have installation instructions that say Liberty and Freedom LC Lightbars. The clear lenses say 500 series and Edge. Looking at Whelen's website, I don't think they are Edge lightbars because my lightbar has a single row of LED's like those on the LFL Liberty. Our Crown Vics have similar lightbars.

Here's my question. The lightbar LED's on the Charger appear to have 4 LED's per head. The LED's on the CV appear to have 6 LED's. Can these be swapped easily? Reason being the Charger has six amber LED heads in the rear and we are wanting to swap them with a CV's red and blue LED's.

Thanks and sorry if this makes no sense whatsoever.


May 16, 2010
Sounds like you have a Premium Liberty (LIN6) and an Economy Liberty (LIN4).

They are interchangeable as long as both are passive units. The LIN6s will pack a bit more punch.


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Jun 14, 2010
Thanks. I swapped them last night after reading your reply and so far everything works fine. I hope I don't encounter any problems with the lightbars running different lightheads on them. The Charger now has the LIN4 in the front and LIN6 in the back and the CV vice versa.

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