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Discussion in 'Action Shots' started by Mattdecker, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Here is my first pov response video.

    Still testing out my mount and my video settings. If anyone has any tips for settings on the iPhone 7 plus, please let me know and I'll try to fix it for the next one.

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  2. Sparky_911

    Sparky_911 Member Gold Level Member

    Video quality looked good to me. Might see if there is a wider angle setting similar to that of GoPros.
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  3. Pros: Safe response

    Cons: Maybe not so much siren. Definitely not a lot of traffic out and judging by the reflection of your lights bouncing off street signs, you're probably pretty visible. But most of the time there wasn't anyone in your path of travel. But, just my opinion. If your department requires you run sirens when your lights are on then that's just what ya gotta do.
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  4. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Thanks. According to Ky law if I have one running, I have to have the other running.

    There wasn't a lot of traffic but there was a bit that you couldn't see. They were all out of the camera range.
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  5. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    If anyone wants to add anything or let me know something I did wrong or should've done better, please go ahead. I'm welcome to critique.
  6. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    New video added.

    I had just pulled in the driveway when we got paged out for this.

    Also, I tried a new angle for the camera. Right now it's positioned at the bottom of the drivers side windshield.

    Note: When I come to the last stop sign in the video, there was quite a bit of traffic stopping and slowing down for me, you just can't really see it from my phones camera.
  7. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    In the second video, you parked right up front. Are you the chief?
  8. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Negative. I'm just a lowly firefighter.

    In the last few seconds when I pull up, where the red pickup and the police car is parked, is parking for police officers and firefighters.

    I pulled into the spot I did mainly just because our engineer was rushing me to get in the truck before he left me.

    Our chief never responds in an apparatus. He always goes pov.

    Depending on how many people show up, usually someone always parks where I did.
  9. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    So he can go home early and not have to wait around on overhaul and salvage?
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  10. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Nah. He usually sticks around for that. Lol. He just usually goes pov to see what we have. We usually have more than enough people to fill the trucks up so there isn't enough room.
  11. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    New video added
  12. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    Wow, that was a long one. Good thing you put in that extra pint of gas.
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  13. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Yup. Most of my responses happen on the way home or on the way to or from the next town over.

    These first few videos have just so short cause I'm at home or right in town.
  14. unityrv26

    unityrv26 Member

    That's also a point, there isn't much traffic and you're really not going that fast in the videos. Is there really a NEED to go hot just to get to the station? In the two videos I don't think you broke a single major intersection and didn't have to move a single car. You could have gotten to the station in the same time without all the woo-woo's.

    Siren changes, for me, are just needed at the intersections or getting the drivers head out of their ass if they don't move. The less I have to mess with the better.

    Now I do believe in always giving feedback to help others because everything can be viewed differently. In the video 4/14 - Intersection A: Have you thought about a left approach, rather than going right for the right turn lane? The Mustang has no clue what to do...he's trying to pull to the right and stop.

    Intersection B: A+ break
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  15. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Thanks for the input. You have a completely valid point. The first video I probably shouldn't have ran them.

    The second video was to a wreck with injuries and was in the middle of the day. I was expecting more traffic than there was so that's why I ran them in that one.

    The last intersection I come to the the first 2 videos isn't a major highway but it does usually have a high volume of traffic crossing the railroad tracks so that's why I usually run them through that one. It's hard to even get the engines out sometimes.

    I'll admit, I'm young. I've had permission to run them only for a few months. I need to work on deciding what I run them to or don't. Usually I try and judge based on what it is. I also try not to run them after 9-10 pm or so since there is little to no traffic my way at that time of night.

    I try not to be that guy who runs the sirens for no reason at all.

    As far as Intersection A goes that's an it complicated. We have a rule at the station that pretty much says don't go in the opposing lane unless there is no where else to go to get through. That goes for apparatus and It's not a written rule right now but one that has been repeated to us a few times.

    As for B, thanks. I didn't mean to cut the siren off but I'm still getting used to the Smartsiren. I have an older version and the slightest touch will activate or deactivate a button.
  16. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    JDI is pleased to share with eLightbars their latest siren tone. With the gracious support of Firefighter Matt, enjoy this video. (The tone name is "Fudge Ripple".)

    And before you complain - we like the background hum.
  17. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    Man, I just realized how well that brings people to the curb!
  18. unlisted

    unlisted Gold Level Member

    Well that tone has been ingrained in most people since childhood so... I'm not surprised! :p
  19. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Around here, that would probably move traffic better. Lol.
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  20. unityrv26

    unityrv26 Member

    No worries. I've learned a lot from this forum and every once in a while if I can give some solid input I will. Totally see the oncoming traffic thing. I know a few fire departments like that. I guess PD's just don't have those kind of rules.

    Don't be afraid to burn the woo-woo's when you want. You have them for a reason and certain responses dictate that. Do what the other guys do. Just don't be that guy that touches off the siren at 3am in your neighborhood. You'll have some pretty angry neighbors. :)
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  21. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Thanks. I try to be courteous when running them. I save the 3am sirens for the big trucks. Lol.

    We had a response today that I didn't get to record cause my phone was dead. Had a wreck with injuries and entrapment on the interstate. I ran them and didn't see a single car. But I felt it was the type of call that traffic or not, lights and sirens were necessary.
  22. unlisted

    unlisted Gold Level Member

    If you plan on recording all your runs, I'd suggest getting a dashcam. Actually, I'd suggest getting one even for daily driving. Most have a "auto on/auto off" record feature if you plug it into a ignition sensed cig plug.

    I run a DOD LS460W - I've been using it for about 4 years now with 0 complaints. Amazing video both day and night. Actually.. I do have a single complaint- I wish I had a rear facing camera as well (more so after getting rear ended while parked last summer...)

    Here are a few samples:

    (sorry, cannot post response videos due to agency policy)
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  23. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Thanks. That is actually my next step. I have been looking at some but really hadn't committed to one yet. I'll have to look into the one you have. Both videos look amazing.
  24. acala91

    acala91 Veteran Member

    Looking at your lighting setup I think some grill and intersection lighting would serve you well. Feniex T3s would be a good choice as they're cheap and bright. They also fit perfectly in those Jeep grill slats.
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  25. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    I'm looking into getting some Feniex T3's or something from AWL. Just waiting on budget to get where I can.

    Sunday I actually moved the mini bar up some towards the front of the Jeep and leveled the rotators out (they pointed towards the ground).

    My next step when the budget gets to where I can, is most likely some intersection lights on a license plate bracket up front.
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  26. Wailer

    Wailer Veteran Member

    Sounds like a Federal Smart Siren.
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  27. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    It sure is. Right now I have it on a single 100 watt speaker. I'll be hooking it to a 2nd speaker this weekend for the 200 watt capacity.

    It's a Smartsiren with out the Signal master functions. I picked it up for $65 shipped.
  28. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    Smarty-pants! You didn't say which JDI model produced that other tone.
  29. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    I just measured my grill slats. The are about a half inch too short for T3's. Unless I mount them vertically.
  30. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Been a while since I’ve thought to record a run.

    Here is a response to the station for a vehicle fire.

  31. SomeBloke

    SomeBloke Senior Member

    Needs more HiLo/Two Tone.
  32. Japfireman1

    Japfireman1 Registered Member

    That’s a pretty cool response, where I’m from we can’t run lights or sirens because of how close I am to the station
  33. Chris W

    Chris W Member Services Support Staff

    All that noise and you still missed first due. :p:p:p
  34. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Lol. I can blame that one on several things. Full bladder, plus I was asleep when we got knocked out.

    But in all reality everyone who was in the engine was already down there hanging out.

    Ah. Most of the time I don’t use them. I only live ~1 mile from the station.

    But I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a whacker, and every now and then get those urges I wanna use them on serious calls so I’ve got them.
  35. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Lol. Can’t stand HiLo. Gives me a headache to listen to it. One of our guys runs a PA300 with it and I hate when I hear him responding.

    Most people won’t respond to that in my city. They just look at us like we’re stupid.
  36. JazzDad

    JazzDad Just Another Faceless Member Silver Level Member

    Needs more cowbell.
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  37. RyanZ71

    RyanZ71 Senior Member

    more cowbell, less electronic horn.
  38. Mattdecker

    Mattdecker Member

    Hey guys. Been a while. Had a few more runs I recorded but here is one I did after i installed my new lights and my Feniex Typhoon handheld.

    This was a response for a 10-46 rollover with entrapment.


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