Push bumpers, yay or nay?

What do you think of push bumpers?

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  • Don't like them but our cars have them

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After looking at pics on here and flicker, it seems push bumpers are more of a southern and western thing, with most the north and mid west police dept's (except for Texas) forgoing them. What is you guy's opinions on them and why do some dept's not like them?

My dept has a strict 'no contact' chase policy, but we have the PB's in case someone rams us or a deer runs in front of the car (happens a lot). Plus, I think they make a cop car look more intimidating.


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I like them... Gives you easier spots to mount siren speakers and lights...


Our city department is installing pushbars on all patrol vehicles. When I asked the head of our radio shop/equipment services why this policy was being put in place, I was told it would dramatically cut down on vehicle damage in the case of a front end collision. Whether that proves to be true or not, I guess we'll see... But from now on, any street patrol car is getting them.


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It would in slower speed collisions... But anything over 35MPH will probably end up the same, if not more damage... LoL

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I've driven both with and without them, I do prefer them, though my new PD Tahoe doesn't have them! They are great for siren speakers and lights, and come in handy when broken down or stuck motorists need some pushin'!


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Couple of examples for the use of pushbars:



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My previous Durango had 'em, with LEDs and Strobes mounted on it. Looked good and worked nice during contact with a pursued vehicle.

My current Explorer doesn't have a PB. I wish it did, although I'd still be leery of "nudging" anyone with it.


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When I had my Ford Ranger (1998) with a pushbar it came in handy. Prolly got 20+ cars/vehicles out of traffic or tight spots. I miss that truck. Sold it 2 years with 278,457 miles on it for $400.

Most PD I know around here do not have nor use them. They prefer to call someones to do it.I see more pushbars on FD Chiefs vehicle than anything.


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More nd more PDs by me seem to be getting them.

One of my Depts CVs has one, the 2 others dont due to budget cuts. All of the patrol cars and marked units in the town I live in have them, and they have saved the front end quite a few times in MVAs. NJ is a no contact pursuit policy, so most of the time they are just for mere use of MVA, pushing disabled MVs off road, car vs deer, or for mounting of lights/speakers.

I like them, my POV has one on it (well a brush guard). It has saved my truck a few times in little tiny fender benders, and has saved me from getting a new grill/headlights when a tire from a semi blew in front of me and hit my truck, ended up just hitting the brush guard and bouncing off. I think all PD/FD vehicles should have them, as I also just like the look. lol. but really i do a a real good utility in them


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There nice if you like them.


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WS224 said:
There nice if you like them.
I'm guessing you don't? Just out of curiosity, why not? Is it the looks? I knew a guy in my acad who didn't like them because his dept didn't put them on their cars, and he said it added 'too much to the front end of the car that you can't see when driving'.

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