Quick question about the magnets on a Mini Jet..


May 23, 2010
El Paso, Texas
I own a mini Jet lightbar with the factory magnets and i was wondering if the magnets are strong enough to hold the lightbar down at freeway speeds (65mph). The lightbar seems very secure when i try to remove it off the roof. Do you think it would do just fine if i attempt the freeway? I hear too many stories of other lightbars not holding in place or they fly off at highway speeds. Are the factory magnets rated at 45lbs or are they stronger?
What's the adage... "If you have to ask, probably not" ;) :lol:

I wouldn't do less than 90 lb mags on that LB.
That's what i figure. I've always removed the lightbar before i get onto the freeway. I've been tempted to just leave it and see how it holds up. But i'd rather not risk loosing the lightbar, breaking my back window or worse....having it fly onto someone else's vehicle. I'm not sure what these magnets are rated at but i better upgrade just in case.
Aerodynamics is less of a problem with your lightbar than, say, a Highlighter, which has a similar aerodynamic profile to that of a brick, so you can get away with weaker magnets than you could with a Highlighter.
If your insurance will cover replacing someone else's windshield when your Mini Jet flies through it... go right ahead. Otherwise I wouldn't risk it.

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