Ray Allen K9 Trouble


Installing the Ray Allen K9 F3 series into a 2009 Crown Vic.

I've had several problems so far. It is a used system.

My first problem is figuring out whats going on with the rear windows for this CVPI. The windows do not work at all in the rear. They don't have the switches installed in the rear at all but I don't think that would matter. Even when you try to use the master switch they don't work. I am getting voltage to the wire for the down function. I just spoke with Ford and they told me that it shouldn't have anything to do with the computer disabling it either. So could it be a ground wire cut somewhere? I can look through again, but couldn't find anything obvious. When the system activates the window drop it just blows the fuses in the POD on the "brain box"

Second problem is the fan will not shut off after the test. Is it normal to manually have to turn the fan off after activation?

The last one is when I connect the pager to the HUD to charge it the whole system shuts down.

Hopefully, someone that is familiar with this system can give me some pointers. This has been kind of a nightmare. Tech support with these guys is not impressive. No phone support only email. It's been very difficult to get any answers back. Thanks for any help!


Switches HAVE to be installed or the windows won’t work dummy :)

Fan doesn’t turn off automatically after a test run.

The HUD is not designed to recharge a remote pager once it reaches a certain point. It has to be connected to a wall charger to fully charge or it will shit the system down.

Hope this helps someone at some point.

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