Replacement Cigarette Lighter Plugs


Jul 27, 2010
Southeastern US
I recently picked up a light that had been hardwired, and the cigarette plug on the end has been snipped off. I would like to replace it. The only replacements I can find locally (Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, etc) are basic, plain plugs. I'd ideally like to find one that has both a power button and fuse, so I can leave it plugged in and just hit the power button, instead of fumbling around for the cord on the floor of the truck. Can someone point me in the right direction?


Jul 27, 2010
Southeastern US
When I searched on Radio Shack's page I searched for 'cigar' and 'cigarette plugs,' I guess I missed that one somehow. Thanks for the link!

C4S, if I didn't need the plugs like yesterday I would be all over that deal. But I don't have time for shipping, currently. Hopefully next time I'll be a little better prepared.

Thanks again, folks!

New Member
Dec 9, 2010
Norton Ohio 44203
you need to be concerned with amp draw - if it is a LED light - no worries - low draw

if it is a rotator halogen beacon - mini bar - or strobe bar - you will need a plug to handle that amp draw to avoid melting. When I researched this before - I went with these plugs - no on/off switch but they work well.

Power Plug with 20A Fuse and LED

Calrad 90-617

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