Review: 5.11 Light for Life


May 23, 2010

I purchased my original light in September.

The Good: After the initial overnight charge (12 hours) the light REALLY DOES charge in 90 seconds. It has a cool charger that is easily mounted in your cruiser. Press the button once, and you get bright. Continue to press the button, and you get super bright. Double click the light quickly, and you get a seizure inducing flashing light that is spectacular at night time with the optional orange cone.

The Bad: After about a month of use, the charger base stopped working. Fuse was good in the plug, just quit working. Customer service was horrendous on getting the unit replaced. After about 20 emails, and several phone calls, finally made contact with a young lady that promised to get it taken care of (This was from mid October to just before Christmas). Once the Fedex label was emailed to me, they promised to go ahead and pre-ship the replacement due to the number of issues- BUT the shipping warehouse was shut down until the second week of January for inventory purposes. Finally received the replacement today. Guess what- it works! (Yay!)

The Ugly: The "Accessories" for this light are few. You cannot just use any old orange cone it requires a hexagonal shaped cone and specialized rubber ring to hold it on the end of the light (the old style cones for like our mag lights IMO are easier to carry around in your door pocket- now I have to keep track of the cone AND rubber ring). The cone kit comes with some colored "filters" to put into the light- but still requires the special rubber ring to hold them in (filters). I don't need the filters... so they'll get file 13'ed.

All in all- a great light to have. I still like my LED Mag light, but I don't have to worry about replacing batteries, and the LFL is much lighter that the rechargeable mag light.

Scale- 1 to 10....

Useability: 9

Functionality: 9

Durability: 5 (Definiately will not double as a baton)

Customer Service: 3

Overall Score: 6.5

Customer service killed it on this one folks- for a buck and a half investment, and the promise of being the "last light you'll ever by" I felt a little short changed.

Disclaimor: These are my opinion(s) and my opinion(s) only.



May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
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Title/Name of item
- Fake Light

Manufacturer - Marcson Tech

Model Number - 911-72

Link to manufacturer -

How/why you got it - Made it up

Purpose/Description - This is a self contained 360 degree strobe. It is taller than.... blah blah blah, lots of details.

How you tested it/results - I mounted it on my invisible car in -40 and drove at 90mph for 16 hrs. It failed after the first 2 hrs.

Rating (1-10, 10 is best)

  • Durability 2
  • Performance/Usefulness 1
  • Innovation 1
  • Appearance 4
  • Price 7
  • Other (shipping) 3

Total 3


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