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Hi all, newbie to all this and just joined up with a local search and rescue group. I live a ways out from the station so likely any calls I go on will be with my personal vehicle, so looking to add some lighting. We're allowed amber only and likely any usage will be gravel roads or side streets so want to keep it simple.

Does anyone have any actual experience with xprite products? Don't want to spend a fortune given my most likely limited use but also want something that will last. Thinking a flip down visor light and maybe a small arrowstick for the rear, vehicle is a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/input!


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Welcome to the site. You will likely get a lot of input / feedback on this. Xprite is a pretty low quality, import brand. There are better quality import brands that have warranties which will be honored by their sellers (Advanced Warning Lights and Strobes n More, for example). For your needs, you are likely better off buying a used name brand product (Whelen, Federal Signal, SoundOff). Cost will be similar to new imported stuff, but the name brands time and time again have been shown to be brighter and of better quality.


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I’m not a fan of the visor lights. Nowadays, dash lights are so low profile (around 2” tall) that you can mount them out of the way and not have to worry about flipping the visor down when needed....behind the RVM is ideal, centered dash works, or passenger side headliner is an option.

AWL dash light or strobes n more dual threat dash light in the front, and a SNM E64 Stick or AWL smart stick in the rear. I do not think that you need a traffic advisor on the rear lightstick, because I highly doubt that you’re going to be doing traffic control with your POV in a SAR capacity (plus it’s 2-3 more switches needed); I’d only consider a TA if you were Fire Police . Amber flashing is plenty, but I would maybe consider a dual color amber/white with rear white flood for on scene usage to illuminate area
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Being in SAR myself I agree with pdk9. Warning to the rear (no TA), dash light and maybe a throw light for the roof to get a good 360. Basically just enough to let traffic know you're there.

I also think that adding scene lighting can be more beneficial than warning. When used properly it lights up the area around your vehicle and not blind traffic. Makes it easy to prep dogs and lets motorists see you. Strobesnmore makes several products that have both warn/flood (I own several and love them) that would fit well. Feniex is another brand that does the same.

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